Horse Gas – electronic music and video from Wales

This is the official website of Horse Gas, Mid Wales based experimentalists music, video and image makers. Feel free to wander amongst our video’s, also found on our YouTube channel, and Horse Gas audio, also available via our Soundcloud page.

You can see what we’ve been getting up to over the years on our Discography section (oldest releases first) and latest shenanigans and releases in our Latest News section. We’ll be putting up a proper shop at some point, but if you’re interested in buying any of our CD’s please click here to contact us.

Horse Gas - Elspeth Man
album cover - Glastonbury Triangle
horse gas the cascob yew
Horse Gas album cover - Farting Pigeon Square
album cover - Time Ironum
The Radnor Forest Excursions - Horse Gas
album cover - Lipsums Residue
horse gas intermediate forms album
album cover - Three Dimensional Goulash